Lymph & Oedema Drainage

The System uses dynamic compression to increase microcirculation and capillarization in the extremities. Research has shown a noticeable improvement in blood circulation especially in remote areas of the body. It is a safe and easy treatment without any side effects.

The system works with a control unit and separate attachments for the legs, arms, hip and core area. The system is completely configurable with a number of modes which can be selected for specific requirements. The systems machine also has an easily adjustable pressure mechanism which supports pressures all the way from 20-250 mmHg.

The System uses a unique Opti-Flow system to ensure optimal compression.

Who can benefit

​People who suffer from blood circulation problems such as Diabetes sufferers or those with Lymph, Arteriol or Venous illness.

Restless leg syndrome sufferers and or people who have swelling issues due to Injury, oedema and or surgery.